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Albums of Dub music

What is Dub

The first thing to say about dub music to clarify the situation: do not confuse Dub and Dubstep. These are two completely different genres. If you want dub music download, exclude search for the words or you will get the wrong idea about music.

It is a pretty young genre. It has appeared only in the 70s of the last century under the influence of reggae but no one wanted to buy or sell it – it was only an experiment. The first experiments were devised and recorded in Jamaica. In the homeland of reggae dub music was at first almost like a copy of the old genre.

Now the varieties are:

  • techno;
  • poetry;
  • ambient;
  • wise and others.

On the other hand, even old records dub mp3 continue to influence on such areas as hip-hop, trip- hop, d n b. Dub was truly a new word in the music at that time.

How to get the dub right

The term is derived from the word "duplicate". You can try dub mp3 download and reggae download and compare. The bass line will remain, the pace is maintained, but the sound will be deeper.

At some point, well-known DJs began to notice that people are not only dancing, but also singing reggae songs in clubs. Thus was born a new direction and has become more common practice of "conversations" by disc jockeys. The vocals were eliminated from songs. This approach explains the classical minimization. Some dub mp3 covers became much more popular than the first versions. Many musicians in this sphere have made a career on covers. Of course, it took a long time. Albums’ purchase has just started by 1975! Until that moment, it remained as amateur genre. After its promotion, popularity began to grow in. Now even rock groups use such techniques in their tracks. Statistics notes that such down-mix is more popular among the ready-to-buy audience.

Once D has been created, there appeared question about the format. On the one hand, due to the lack of vocals, lossless sound quality could be abolished. But the sound effects still demand for it. Therefore, the most popular formats are MP3 and Flac. These formats still remain. Flac has more weight, but it is not critically compared to the quality. It is the most lossless. If you still prefer a lighter mp3 files, select them. Many sites offer both formats. You can easily distinguish low echo characteristic of the genre even in mp3 quality.

Sites that specialize in dub, can tell exactly what compositions are worth listening in higher quality format. Many tracks are famous for the additions of electronic music. Generally, in the period of active tracks’ purchase many musicians became interested in the genre. The ability to diversify by adding dub into music was attractive. Therefore, artists and record companies still do buy tracks and skills of talented singers in this genre. Only a few people know how extensive this music is.