Albums of Drum & Bass music

Mostly, D&B is a form of dance music for listening in nightclubs. The name of the genre does not mean that tracks consist only of those items. However, they are essential elements that make up most of the tracks. In the style, much attention is given to deep bass that is even physically felt when listening.

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Genre uses the full frequency range and physicalness, which is often almost impossible to fully appreciate if you download drum and bass at home and listen to it at low volume. However, lossless FLAC format enables to hear the quality of the sound. According to the title, bass element stands out strongly in contrast to other genres of dance music. Therefore, the full perception requires special sound equipment, which typically is installed in nightclubs. They buy drum and bass tracks and play them at parties. Because of the "club" nature of the style, it is carried to the public firstly thanks to DJs. Since most of the tracks are written for easy recording by DJ, their structure reflects the purpose: there are intro and outro, used to bit matching and are not intended for detailed perception by the audience.

Even though, such performances are mostly live, you can download drum and bass music in DJ sets.

Geographical peculiarities

After 2000 D&B has spread geographically. Initially densely developing only in the UK (4hero, Alex Reece, Crissy Criss, Dom & Roland) now the direction has deployed worldwide, including numerous scenes in other English-speaking countries, for example

  • The United States (with such leaders of drum and bass download as AK1200, Evol Intent, Temulent).
  • Canada also has its favorites in the genre (John Rolodex, Left Spine Down).
  • Australia’s drum and bass downloads are ensured by Pendulum.
  • New Zealand’s leaders are Concord Dawn, The Upbeats.
  • South Africans download drum and bass performed by Counterstrike.
  • The direction is popular in Europe, especially in Benelux (Black Sun Empire, Panda, Lenzman).
  • In Japan the direction is represented by Makoto
  • Leaders of drum and bass mp3 download in Germany are Typecell, Panacea.
  • Scandinavia listens to Teebee, Future Prophecies, Phono.
  • In Hungary, drum and bass download is ensured by Tactile, Mindscape.
  • Sao Paulo is sometimes called Ibiza of D&B.

Even though, this style is intended for clubs, our site enables to listen online, download or even buy D&B tracks in any quality, including MP3 and M4A formats.

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