Albums of Doom Metal music

Music of despair

Doom metal music is fairly heavy subgenre of metal. It is mainly psychologically heavy. The doom metal music will not show you fast transitions. The genre has its own characteristics.

Features of the songs:

  • slow melody;
  • instilling a feeling of longing, fear, despondency;
  • domination of clean vocals.

Doom metal appeared in the 80s of the last century. In the early 90s, songs of this genre have gained a second wind. They were created as replicas of first experiments. All recordings of doom metal mp3 have survived. You can easily follow the development of the genre. Now we can download doom metal. The most famous representative of the genre is the Black Sabbath. Download doom metal so the early compositions can be compared with the current style. Of course, now they have moved away from this genre. But doom metal mp3 recordings of those times fully embody the classical direction. BS is considered as the founders of the genre. They laid the most popular traditions.

It is not surprising that over time there appeared new branches. Some have gained a lot of popularity, some stayed for a narrow audience. One of the most interesting trends is epic doom metal. It uses admixture of fantasy and medieval motifs. Despite the fact that the genre has not gained wide popularity, to download doom metal of this style won’t meet any problems.

New round

Many groups want to grow up to the level of Black Sabbath, but it is not so easy. Popular groups come and go, but the legend remains forever. Dark, heavy, viscous music characterize this style. Thanks to a clear example of the Sabbaths, it was possible to bring the genre into nowadays completely lossless. Classic doom metal remained unchanged.

This music has never been aimed at the purchase. Commercial success was a side effect. If the purchase started to grow, the musicians have more opportunities. But fame also had a negative impact. The more people who wanted to buy the album, the more likely the performers have star fever. On the other hand, the ideology of this style is too strong. Purchase allows you to experiment, to bring the results of these experiments into mass. The main objective has always been the Idea.

The CDs were recording in maximally lossless formats. Deep and low guitar riffs demanded for a good quality. One of the best stays Flac format. It can be hard to find, but it's worth it. It sounds as close as possible to the sound of vinyl records. Of course, there are extensions that can reproduce the sound better than flac, but their weight is enormous. So they are more like professional formats for the studios. Unlike the MP3, it does not mix the sounds. Quality remains as a top priority. Real music lovers are not afraid of even large sizes of flac files.