Albums of Death Metal music

The genre and almost all of its subgenres are usually characterized by extreme brutality, aggression, intensity and speed of music. Its most violent areas are almost similar to grindcore.

In the early days of its development, the genre was characterized by simple structure and poor melody, but with development of the style and in the process of merging with other musical genres it became more complicated. Today, death metal music MP3s are often characterized by complex compositions.

Groups playing in this genre often consist of:

  • two guitarists,
  • bassist,
  • vocalist,
  • drummer (sometimes two drummers).

The instruments used in this style do not differ from those used in heavy metal, but the structural share of their use is somewhat different.

The genre is popular for its rough change of pace and size, extremely fast and complex guitar playing, as well as double bass and drum parts. Guitars in death metal are characterized by high-speed, low and distorted sound. Drums are hard and fast. If you download death metal music, you probably will not hear standard verse-chorus songs. As a rule, there takes place the ongoing development of themes and motifs.

Vocal and theme of songs

The vocals are characterized by the use of specific male (and sometimes female) growl, which often turns the lyrics into obscure "animal" roaring. Sometimes bands also employ screaming, which is characterized by extremely high and hysterical tone (screech). In milder areas of the style (melodic death metal MP3s) clear vocals can sometimes be used.

Singer's voice is now sometimes edited by a computer or harmonizer. Sometimes music arrangers buy special software for this purpose. However, musicians and fans of the style prefer to listen to and buy death metal music, where vocalists scream without the use of aids.

In terms of themes, the discussed genre was originally associated with the gloomy and dark side of life. In particular, the songs of many pioneers of the genre were associated with horror films. You can hear it, if you download death metal music of the early period of such bands as Cannibal Corpse, Mortician. You can sometimes hear satanic themes. There can be also found the occult, mysticism and philosophy. Some bands such as Napalm Death, actively exploit the themes of social injustice, and social issues are often raised by groups in interviews.

Subgenres and derivatives

There are numerous directions of the genre. Therefore, the following list is not limiting.


The subgenre is represented by such popular albums as Death’s “Scream Bloody Gore” and Possessed’s “Seven Churches”. Our web portal provides the possibility to download death metal music of this direction.


It is characterized by a search for a new sound and music. This may be the addition of keyboards and other unusual instruments (Nocturnus - synthesizer, Pan.Thy.Monium – saxophone, Death Organ – Hammond Organ).


Deathgrind was formed by mixing death metal with grindcore, mainly due to the releases of the British group Carcass and Bolt Thrower. Our site will help you download death metal music of these groups.


Albums Eaten Back to Life (1990) and Butchered at Birth (1991) by Cannibal Corpse group became the forerunner to the subgenre, which is more brutal, heavier, faster and rhythmically more complex than the traditional one.

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