Albums of Dark Ambient music

First steps

It is a mistake to think that electronic music is exclusively a modern phenomenon. Such direction as dark ambient music has appeared in the 80s of the last century. There is still no one exact definition. Many people suggest that the dark ambient music is all that can be attributed to the loud and noisy ambience in general. The term is often used as a synthesis. Let’s try to understand what the dark ambient music actually is.

Main characteristics:

  • the use of noise effects (natural and technical);
  • the use of sounds at lower frequencies (to influence the listener);
  • connection with the ideologies (Satanism, Paganism, Sorcery);
  • mono sound (for the hypnotic effect).

Initially, the songs of the genre were known as ambient industrial. After the development of the genre, there appeared a new name. One of the most commercially successful albums that people really wanted to buy was the "Evening Star" by Brian Eno.

During the genre development, the subgenres have separated. One of the most popular categories was occult ambient. It was even more dark and heavy, but it had a good influence on purchase because of hypnotic effect. It is worth mentioning that some people seriously believed that music had an audio drug effect. But a popular effect was just made up because of the exotic sound and connection with religious ideologies. Because of this music was perceived as something too deeply penetrating into consciousness.


People always wanted to buy American groups’ discs most actively. Perhaps the reason was in the softer sound. Dark ambient MP3 recordings were divided by the type of sound. Noise, drone, black are not even all the directions of the genre. Dark ambient MP3 can now be found in various forms. Records vary by the power of suggestion; some of them were openly created for occult rituals. Vedic ambient has appeared, you can use the opportunity to do the dark ambient music download to get acquainted with the genre. It is closely associated with Buddhism and Vedic ideology.

Of course, mainly fans of the genre would want to buy these records. It is very peculiar and is aimed at a certain audience. Make the dark ambient music download and you will see if this creative sound is close to your spirit.

Such tracks require a special approach. Catch all the vibrations and the essence of the monotony of the air lossless in an acceptable format. Home listening is fine with one of the simplest. For example, Flac. This format is the second most frequently used. In the first place, there is mp3. Each of two has advantages. Flac preserves the best sound quality. However, files in this format are heavy enough. MP3 may not be able to transmit the sound of ambient very clean, but the files have small weigh. The more depth and purity is important the more obvious is your choice. To hear a track maximally lossless will help to realize if it is your kind of music.