Albums of Club music

Club music is a general definition of electronic music, bringing together a large number of musical genres and styles, designed primarily for the entertainment industry. It is the basis for the musical accompaniment for nightclubs and festivals of electronic music. Because of large scale of such events, lossless quality of sound becomes extremely important. Therefore, our site, unlike many other sites, provides tracks in MP3, M4A and FLAC formats.


This term includes such popular genres as:

  • House,
  • Dubstep,
  • Trap,
  • Trance,
  • Techno,
  • Drum & Bass,
  • Breakbeat and many others.

This is the main result of the creativity of most modern music producers and DJs. However, the meaning of the term changes in the course of time. Nowadays, people buy club music for individual listening as well. So, the term now refers to musical compositions created by using only such electronic devices as a computer, synthesizer, and others and does not establish any genre and stylistic limitations. This style can be called the most controversial area of music. It is so diverse and infinite, that even within the genre there is often no clear division into subgenres. Even experts of club music downloads are not always able to clearly define the genre of a particular track, because the musicians are not limited to templates, they simply create tracks, passing to the listener as much explosive emotions as no other genre of music is probably able to pass. Club music MP3s masterfully control mood of the audience. They may draw a wild delight, and inspire confidence in their abilities, and reassure giving a sense of happiness. This is the reason why fans of the genre buy club music.

The genre has no boundaries in its expression: some talented and popular musicians harmoniously introduce into it some live instruments, skillfully interweaving all in one song, which can be noticed if you listen to tracks in lossless quality. All mixed up in modern songs, everything is so much intertwined that the directions of this genre and their definitions can not be taken literally.

In this genre, there are almost no clear lyrics, but just a couple of sentences or phrases. Clearly, people download club music not for touching texts, but for its rhythm and smooth transitions of uncomplicated melodies.

Modern representatives

The most recent chart of club music downloads looks as follows:

  1. “Synergy” by Sted-E, Hybrid Heights & Crystal Waters
  2. “Nobody’s Better” by Z
  3. “High Off My Love” by Paris Hilton
  4. “Take Me Away” by DJ S.K.T feat. Rae
  5. “What Do You Mean?” by Justin Bieber
  6. “Insomnia 2.0” by Faithless

Even though, the discussed genre is often criticized for its senselessness, in its defense we would like to say that every musical direction has its own purpose. Club MP3s are created not to educate, people download club music to entertain and awake something wild, which lives inside of every person.