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Albums of Chillout music

Chill out is a metaphoric symbol of light (also easy to listen academic) music. People download chillout music to help relieve mental stress and to relax.

Peculiarities of the style

In the narrow sense, chill is a direction of non-academic, mostly electronic, music. Having originated in the mid-1990s, it was relatively slow. At the time the world saw several albums recorded specially for relaxation. These albums established closed relations with the following styles:

  1. downtempo
  2. house music
  3. ambient
  4. nu-jazz
  5. IDM
  6. lounge
  7. trance
  8. psybient

The term is mostly used to refer to the relaxing music, or at least not as intense as the above predecessors. However, various types of hypnotic rhythms can not be called chillout songs. As relaxation is the main designation of the genre, high quality of tracks is in the priority. Therefore, sites enable their customers to buy songs in lossless FLAC or common MP3 quality.

The direction has brought diversity to works of trance and house artists and made audiophiles buy chillout music. Nowadays, due to numerous web resources, this is as easy as it never was.

Another name of the genre is Ibiza Trance because chillout music MP3s transfer the listener into the atmosphere of the wild nature through euphoric, spiritual and uplifting music. This feeling is evoked by the use of such instruments as mandolins, as well as the "whispering" vocals. You can feel this effect, if you download chillout music.

The term is also used to refer to a separate dance floor at sufficiently large concerts (partiesor any recreation area in dance clubs. The administrations of clubs usually download chillout music to make their guests feel more comfortable. In this zone there is much less dancing people as they come there to have a rest after a hard working day, during a weekend or after dancing on the main dance floor of the club.


Popular works of this genre are:

  • Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? (Moby)
  • Stole The Show (Kygo, Parson James)
  • Sumthin' (Gramatik)
  • Le Femme D’Argent (Air)
  • Return to Ibiza (Brad Smith)

There is even a collection of the best pieces of the genre called “The Best Chillout Ever”.

The owners of nightclubs or other similar establishments often buy chillout music or invite appropriate DJs, who perform for their visitors.

However, nowadays it is not necessary to go anywhere to enjoy this genre to the full. Our site helps people to buy or download chillout music (FLAC, MP3 and M4A lossless quality).