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Albums of Celtic music

With the trend of authenticity and appeal to roots, increasing number of people is willing to download Celtic music albums.  This way they try to feel themselves somewhat closer to something natural and monumental. The term ‘Celtic music’ refers to the traditional tunes of the following countries:

  • Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Brittany
  • Wales
  • Cornwall
  • Galicia.

The instruments traditionally employed by the representatives of the genre are:

  • violin;
  • accordion;
  • bagpipes;
  • banjo;
  • bodhran;
  • concertina;
  • Irish flute;
  • harp;
  • bouzouki;
  • tin whistle;
  • uilleann pipes.

One big deception

Despite the fact that nowadays the term is used very widely, it is rejected and actively contested by a lot of traditionalists and folklorists in general. Obviously, it is impossible to download Celtic music in its original sounding, but the question is: is there even something authentic in its contemporary variation?

The fact that there are no objective categories for the combination of the abovementioned traditions into one style does not stop audiophiles willing to buy Celtic music. Sure, the ancient Celts had some traditional tunes, but now we can not speak about what they really were, because there is no sufficient data.

Celtic music mp3 download evidences that Irish, Scottish and Breton tradition, though somewhat similar (as far as culture of the peoples living relatively close can be), are worthy of distinction in a music sub-genre of folk.

Commercialization of the field

Modern Celtic music represents just subspecies of pop. Intentional combination of so different traditions together is considered to be a part of the marketing plan for customers to buy Celtic music. There is no doubt that the legend about ancient heritage of the Celts, sacred melodies of druids, magical voices and other Elven and pseudo historical features considerably increase a number of Celtic downloads.

Actually, a big part of the folklore heritage of the same Ireland and Scotland consists of songs in English or local dialects, and has and never had nothing ‘Celtic’ in them. However, this legend still makes believers download Celtic music albums.

In addition to purely folk artists, there are plenty of rock bands in one way or another using in their work the elements of Irish tradition and promoting themselves as ‘Celtic music’. Their strategy actually increases the audience willing to download Celtic music or visit the respective performance. Therefore, we should expect the emergence of new folk or half-folk bands in the near future releasing records in lossless FLAC quality, or more common MP3 and M4A formats.

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