Albums of Brutal Death Metal music

Aggression in its pure form

Let's turn our attention to one of the most serious and aggressive genres of music. This is brutal death metal, which is really harsh music. It is much more aggressive than the classic death metal and has its features. Among the differences of brutal death metal there are:

  • heavy guitar riffs;
  • rough vocals;
  • the presence of the sound effects.

The very first experiment in superheavy sound was made by Cannibal Corpse. From this group brutal death metal genre began to develop. The musicians were not satisfied with what they already have. Popular canons become diluted. Now, it is not enough to play heavy music, you need to make it original and varied. At this point, a lot of brutal death metal music group simply gave up. But there were also those who went further. It is not easy to become popular with the extraordinary music. The musicians knew it all along the way. However, brutal death metal music has always had its audience. Fans supported young teams so as the "old men" of the scene. Surprisingly, there always was a warm attitude to the songs and creativity in general. It cannot be said at first glance, looking at the rough and loud performance but this only proves that stereotypes are errors.

The most famous songs are written by mostly American musical bands. America presented the world with the largest number of BDM bands. Nevertheless, the songs and artists from the Netherlands also enjoyed fame. This genre is very young. Only in the early 90s, it began to develop fully, so brutal death metal mp3 recordings were kept in excellent quality. Downloading is possible anywhere. Brutal death metal mp3 recording are also available on CDs.

Modern realities

Genre has a lot of nuances that are differ by original names. For example, one of the terms that has been transported lossless from other heavy metals is a pig squeal. This is a special kind of vocal performance, like the squeal of a pig. Many other elements are also able to transfer without lossless in BMD. This applies also to the game on instruments.

Of course, the current attitude to music is much easier. We are more liberated, have less prejudice. However, the brutal death metal download is possible in several formats. Depending on how much you really appreciate pure sound, you can select the type of it. Initially, the purchase was not the main purpose of creating the genre. But over time, of course, no one did refuse from the commercial benefits. Now the purchase of tickets and records of mentioned above Cannibal Corpse bring performers impressive amounts. The Internet remains the main destination for profit. Brutal death metal download can be easy and quick, even if you are not an ardent fan of the band. But the real fans, no doubt, act differently. Their desire to buy a ticket to the concert is not just a formality. It is a tribute to the band. To buy a piece of participation in a performance means to touch the idols. This experience is invaluable. The desire to buy a CD does not limit it. It concerns also paraphernalia. In the case of this genre, it may be a T-shirt and jewelry, which will be the mascot.

With regard to the ability to download and listen to music, it is necessary to choose the format. Unlike MP3, Flac format gives the larger file size. But it has a positive effect of quality. Of course, compared with a concert performance, even lossless audio is not preserved. But it will be much cleaner. Flac was designed for professionals. If you value really deep sound you should select it. Saving lossless audio means that you can hear all the sounds. This means that the work of the musicians will not go in vain.