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Albums of BritPop music

From the very beginning

British pop is a very wide genre. Britain for long time has been and remains the stronghold of talented musicians. Brit pop genre is obviously named after the country where it was originated. Accidentally used term managed to be put even in the Oxford Dictionary! So, the British pop is a genre of rock music. It's a bit illogical, but the essence does not change. Brit pop evolved in the 60s, and had obvious references to the most legendary musicians originally from the UK. Of course, we are talking about the Beatles. In general, the genre has ported almost lossless Beatles traditions. It also supported some addition of recognizable melodies from music hall.

The most well-known British pop music groups are:

  • The Kinks;
  • Oasis;
  • Blur.

During the invasion of British bands to the American scene, musicians of this style survived the worst. America did not want to buy and listen to BP. Today the United States greet this music with pleasure and with widely open arms. The simplest way to accept something is not to invent but to take lossless what is already have its audience.

Over time, the trend has changed. Brit pop music is transformed into a broader genre. This style became Indy.

Special attitude

After the death of Cobain, rock songs’ fans had divided. Some of them were experiencing the loss of classical music from the United States. Others have chosen changes, and have welcomed the British pop music. The original version of the rock style continues to be carried by British. Championship of rock albums’ purchase had gone there. America also has mastered the new styles, such as grunge, punk and others, more creative. There was no popular music as a concept. It was more like the new ideology where people decided whom to support. Not surprisingly, America, as in the past, produced new genres as long as someone did not want to buy them. Focusing on commerce wasn’t worrying Britain: they always had their audience. The golden age of albums and concert tickets’ purchase came in the mid-90s. People were looking for new idols of the century using methods of trials and errors. British pop music became a salvation.

Later, American teams began to introduce elements of the genre in their art. It was a true victory over stereotypes.

As for the sound, popular aspects are melody, lyrics about life and love. Guitar dominates among the tools.

You can download Brit pop flac format, if you want to get the best quality audio. This approach is better for old records. Even live recordings can be found in flac format. Of course it will weigh more. For example, the mp3 can ensure small size tracks. But their quality will suffer. Flac’s plus is that a ratio of the size / cleanliness of the sound is the best. It also may cost slightly more expensive. For some it is a reason to prefer mp3.

Artists record recent collections in a more modest version. Nevertheless, old vinyl records cannot be compared with the usual mp3 CDs.