Albums of Bossa Nova music

Viva Latina

Bossa nova music is a genre that glorified the Brazilian folk art. However, this involves a lot of genre stereotypes. For example, it mistakenly considered as the music of African Americans. In fact, the bossa nova music was created mostly by white men. So, what kind of sub-genres created in this destination? Among the components there are:

  • Samba,
  • Jazz,
  • Biaou.

Bossa nova music download and derivatives can be much modern styles. Among them are techno-boss and boss-electro. These styles bring barns into fashionable sound with electronic music. Sometimes they are not isolated in separate sections and do the bossa nova music download is possible all in one place or the classification of generalizing sections.

The term consists of two words. Bossa is a “hill” in translation, but in this case; it is more of a "token", "feature" of songs. Thus, the name of the genre can be translated as "new thing." Not surprisingly, the first popular hit was directly related to the place, the birthplace of BN. This is Ipanema, the rich area of Rio. Bossa nova music download is available at this very same moment. For the first song, there were made plenty covers by many famous artists. Including Frank Sinatra, whose cover was one of the most popular. Of course, all these melodies have kept only the text and the general thrust. Transfer was managed to lossless translate. The original version was remade into English.

The peak of success

In the 60s came a real success, including commercial. Now bossanova MP3 has become almost a classic. Then it just went out to the people. Purchase was initially focused on the elite. But after all, this went on to the festivals and the wide range of people. Many would like to buy this music. However, the first critics were skeptical. The admixture of jazz style made it unsuitable for purchase to the general audience. However, it was impossible to change the genre that the musicians had just given birth to. It was impossible to move commonalities lossless for simple spectators. But BN took a surprisingly bright and welcoming greeting. Even now, bossanova mp3 recordings are successful. This music is not only melodic, but also deep in its simplicity.

In the early 60s, these works were in a great popularity. People wanted to buy records and listen to concerts. New York was thrilled with the news. Literally every lover of music wanted to buy a ticket to the famous Carnegie Hall. Specifically, the experiment was a success.

Now listening to this kind of music should be in good quality. Format Flac differs by worthy sound. The files do not weight critically much. Sound was able to move lossless. It is as close to the sound on the vinyl record as possible. Flac would be called vinyl of our time, it is simple enough to be found in the network and many devices support it. The same can be said about other formats. For example, bossanova mp3 is also supported by many extensions but, at the same time, the quality is noticeably worse.