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Albums of Bop music


Bop music was a revolution as it is. It has many names. Among them:

  • bop music;
  • bop;
  • bop jazz.

At that times, namely in the '40s, there was a revolution of understanding what music is. Bop music was not what we used to hear. It was pure aggression; it did not feel regret for the listener and did not allow to escape. Songs were called ruthless.

Of course, in light of the current music we can say that metal sounds more evil. However, then popular bop was a model. What has provoked a new genre? Stagnation. The songs sounded in one tune. After the great jazz boom, musicians began to blast most satisfied with what already had. Of course, it was boring for those who went ahead. Lossless rip tracks one after another, it was a guarantee of success. It was like the peculiar instructions on how to make money. Purchase became the main aim; on the wave of popularity, jazz became lost. Then the actors sounded the alarm. They should have had something that postpones the purchase by the wayside. Young talents from New York were actively set to work. They succeeded: in addition to the bop music mp3 records, there even some elements of their style are still in our times. This is especially true flamboyant appearance. For example, songs are associated with the common even now Monkey hats. Of course, there were its laws. New rhythms were added, a few old were brought lossless from the classics. New steps achieved forward direction very quickly. Popular music encompassed almost the entire world!

Of course, the commercial success came as well.


Everyone wanted to buy it. It was not for having a dance, it was more intelligent. To buy a ticket to a concert or performance meant to come and listen. Favorite musicians soon came to the fore. People tend to buy tickets and book tables even in the small theaters, where were the idols. It was something new, deep, and bright. Over time, music labels began to want to buy the rights to the discs. Still live performances remain the priority.

Even now, bop music download is easily possible. In particular, this applies to first-time experiments. However, bop music mp3 recording cannot be compared with a live melody. It was a virtuoso; it is difficult, much more difficult than the usual old jazz. Bop music download is available for comparison.

The fact was that development was only for professionals. They added the sound of turns, twists, and original modulations. Connoisseurs even now choose only good formats. For example, Flac format is much closer to the crisp sound than any other is. You can rate musicians in full extent. These small groups have created a real spectacle, which you can listen in Flac. Other formats may give too blurry sound, which would not have the necessary sharpness. But remember about the big size of Flac. In any case, the quality is always worth it!