Albums of Blues music

Among many other common and extremely special musical genres, our portal offers its customers to download blues music. It has that originated in the late XIX century in the African-American community among the people from the plantations. Along with ragtime, early jazz, hip-hop, and others, it is believed to be one of the most influential African-American contributions to world music. People from all over the world download blues mp3 in non-stop regime.

Musical peculiarities

A distinctive feature of the genre is the use of blues frets. Often the framework of the composition is built on the structure ‘question – answer’, expressed both in lyrics, and in the melody. This usually sounds as a dialogue between the instruments. Blues is a form of improvisational genre. When people download blues music, it becomes evident that to play a new composition musicians often use the same ‘skeleton’ that is accompanied by numerous solo instruments. Aboriginal theme is based on the features of social life of the African-American population, its difficulties and obstacles emerging in the way of every black person.

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Classification of blues

There are several kinds of the discussed style:

  1. Classical (appears in 1920s, affirms characteristics inherited in the melodies of African- Americas, and clearly defines the 12-bar form and harmonic accompaniment. During this period, the style is gradually shifting from the African ghetto and becoming a form of show business. Even now these old rhythms are hits of blues music download).
  2. Rhythm and blues (mass rhythms based on the blues and jazz directions of 1930s-1940s still make people want to download their favourite compositions and buy blues music in MP3 or M4A).
  3. British direction (appeared 1960s in Britain, influenced by American representatives of the style and rock 'n' roll records represented a series of local performers who, during the British invasion hit the American charts and gained international fame. People started to download blues albums such as B. B. King's Endless Boogie or John Lee Hooker's The Healer in lossless FLAC format).

In modern world, built on commercial relations, blues music downloads bring huge profit to its authors.  It is worth mentioning such modern best-sellers as Buddy Guy’s Born To Play Guitar and Norah Jones’ Come Away with Me. These compositions show that people really want to buy blues music. The statistics once again proves the fact that this genre is still alive.

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