Albums of Black Metal music

Black metal is a music style, which was originated in the 1980s. The English band Venom and Swedish band Bathory are considered to be pioneers of the genre. The statistics of black metal downloads is ensured by the army of fans – representatives of occult subculture.

Sound and tools

The genre is typically characterized by very high-speed guitar and drum parts. Tremolo and blast beat techniques are frequently used. If you download black metal music, it definitely will not excite your neighbors, because screaming and its variants (sometimes even growling) are basic vocal techniques employed in this style. Distinctive features are repetition and monotony of compositions.

Tools used for the performance are the same as in the heavy metal, but can sometimes be used non- traditional instruments:

  • classical (violin, cello)
  • authentic vintage (folklore).

For example, such bands as Immortal, Burzum, and Mayhem are the leaders of black metal music download.

Concerts and stage persona

Unlike artists of other genres, many musicians of this style do not play concerts. Therefore, to download mp3 black metal is sometimes the only way to hear the best representatives of the genre. The groups that perform on stage often use a variety of props and theatrical techniques. During live performances they create dark atmosphere. If you download black metal video, you will see how they aggressively use occult symbolism showing gross abuse of religious images.

The representatives of the subculture often use such attributes as black leather, spikes, wristbands, heavy shoes with thick soles, ankle boots. Such rugged audience prefers to download black metal albums that are also very harsh. Among the most popular ones are Under the Sign of Hell, Virus West, Invoking the Majestic Throne of Satan and so on. They are available on many web sites in MP3, M4A, or lossless FLAC quality.

Themes of songs and ideology

Initially, the discussed genre was formed on the basis of an anti-Christian ideology, so many groups use satanic, anti-Christian and occult themes. Unlike other musical movements, in this case ideology often plays greater role than the music itself. However, this fact does not reduce the statistics of black metal albums downloads in general.

In August 2001, the Government of Malaysia (where more than 60% of the population is the Muslims) has banned the discussed musical style in the country. According to the Islamic authorities, it is now forbidden to download black metal albums there.

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