Albums of Ballad music

The term comes from the Provencal word meaning ‘dance song’. This genre appeared in the Middle Ages. Origin of ballad music is associated with fables, folk legends. It combines features of tales and songs. Many famous ballad songs narrate about national hero known as Robin Hood, who lived in England in XIV-XV centuries. Our online store provides the possibility to download or purchase numerous compositions of this genre: starting with well-known classics and ending with modern ballad songs.

It is known that musical ballad is one of the main styles of musical art of the periods of the romanticism and sentimentalism. However, many understand the concept as a genre of poetry. The world in lyrics appears to be mysterious and enigmatic. If you buy or download compositions via our site, you will notice that lyrics often tell about magical creatures and unknown places. They are full of vivid characters with clearly defined personal traits.

Features of musical ballads as a genre are the following:

  • expressed plot;
  • special melodiousness;
  • musicality;
  • mysticism.

Songs performed in this style can be conventionally divided into folk, classic and pop ballads. All of them are available for purchase in our online store.

Folk ballads

Bright representatives of the discussed genre are the Celtic people. Ballad singers praised battles and feasts of Odin and his companions; later – the exploits of Douglas, Percy and the other heroes of Scotland. There also were music ballads of Robin Hood, who is popular in England and Scotland, as well as the King Edward IV. The content of the German songs, in their turn, bears a gloomy character; action develops episodically, so that linking the plot of the song sometimes appears to be the job for audience’s imagination.

Classic ballads

The works of Austrian and German composers (in particular, such famous ballad songs as the “Erlking” created by Schubert based on poems by J. Goethe, H. Heine’s “Die Loreley” put to music by F. Liszt etc.). You can buy these legendary compositions in lossless quality (flac format) at our site. In contemporary music there are different kinds of vocal and instrumental ballads. Instrumental ones are of particular importance as the narration there is conducted by means of sounds of musical instruments without accompaniment of oral narration. Due to use of numerous authentic and interesting instruments during performance of compositions of this genre, it is great to listen to them in lossless quality in flac or mp3 format.

Pop ballad

This is a form of slow song prevalent in various genres of popular music. Modern ballad songs are performed in the following genres:

  • country;
  • rock;
  • soul.

Rock ballads are the most popular category among those listed above. Top mp3s of this genre are:

  • Metallica – ‘Nothing Else Matters’;
  • The Rolling Stones – ‘Angie’;
  • The Who – ‘Behind Blue Eyes’.

Our site also provides the best recent hits. The most well-known ballad songs 2014 are:

  • Sam Smith – ‘I'm Not The Only One’;
  • Ed Sheeran – ‘Thinking Out Loud’;
  • Michael Bolton – ‘Said I Love You but I Lied’;
  • OneRepublic – ‘Counting Stars’.