Albums of Americana music

How it began

Americana music is a rare and little-known genre. It is a subtype, and, at the same time, an independent part of the music. Americana music artists gained popularity in the 90s, when the genre branched from the main mass. It was inspired by country-motion. This alternative Americana music has been a real challenge! Many musicians behaved deliberately contrary to the producers’ requirements. They were actively trying to stand out with the help of their songs. And there were quite objective reasons. It was necessary to raise the purchase of CDs and tracks. Producers were opposed exactly till the moment when the music started to gain popularity. Americana music artists, for sure, were aimed at the commercial success. That was the point where they matched their desires.

The most popular motifs of these style songs are:

  • reference to Western genres;
  • political texts;
  • absence of a "smooth" tunes;
  • allusions to the country music style.

Roots of Americana lay exactly in country style. Lossless formation of a new genre didn’t make sense. In the opposite case, no one would even have noticed it. Therefore, Americana music became more nationally oriented. Perhaps this is how the term appeared. Indian motifs became popular as predictable continuation of the theme of cowboys. The development of music lasted until the 00's. Since the beginning of the 90, people wanted to buy the new discs, it was a mini-revolution. It was expressed in a protest against the perfect pop tracks. To buy this music and to be a fan of it meant to dive a little deeper. Fans wanted to discard the stereotypes about the purchase of ideal voice and music, where a beat never gets out from the strings.

The current situation

Americana music artists were "new cowboys", and they still are. Despite the fact that the primacy chart positions are not occupied, they firmly hold their place. Fans still do want to buy new albums, go to concerts and the base communities. Some of them are adherents of style since those times; it's been not much time actually – about 15-20 years.

A non-standard and unpredictable style requires for a good lossless quality. Imagine how you can listen to the legendary Bob Dylan, and not to hear all the wonderful melody’s iridescence? You can download Americana music in any form. For the first acquaintance, the best quality format is suitable. By most opinions, the common MP3 format simply does not show the whole tunes’ soul. Author’s and composition’s inner sense was hidden in open and visible imperfections. We recommend Flac format. It is supported by most devices. Flac is an extension that preserves the sound. However, the file size is only twice bigger than in the most modest variant. You can easily find and download Americana music. Many sites offer a wide range of performers. Enjoy your music in lossless quality and you will understand why, even after so many years, it touches people's souls.