Albums of Alternative Rock music

Alternative metal together with grunge began to gain ground in the early 1990s. Its features include heavy guitar riffs and peculiarities of alt-rock – unusual lyrics, uncommon technical tricks, the non-acceptance of conventions and traditions of heavy music, conjunction of metal with a variety of musical genres. Also, this term can be applied to heavier alt-rock.

Directions of the genre

Funk metal

This is an interfacial music genre that emerged in the 1980s. As a general rule, it includes elements of funk. This is reflected in a combination of heavy riffs with distinctive funk bass (slap technique). These peculiarities can be the best traced listening to songs in FLAC rather than MP3 format. The subgenre frequently employs elements of rap and rock, which is why it often overlaps with rap core and rap metal. The bands that make people download alternative metal music of this subgenre are Hot Action Cop, Primus, Incubus (early) etc.


In the mid-90s currently worldwide famous bands Korn and Deftones developed this subgenre on the basis of groove, hip-hop, grunge and other styles. In the future, groups like Disturbed, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit influenced the evolution of the subgenre. Also, a special place in the genre occupies a band System of a Down. Other outstanding representatives that make fans download alternative metal music of the subgenre are Papa Roach, Mudvayne, Kittie, Finger Eleven.

Industrial metal

This is another subgenre, which became especially popular in Germany thanks to bands like Rammstein and Oomph! The founders of the style are groups Ministry, Killing Joke, Godflesh.


The most famous representatives that encourage people to download alternative metal music of the subgenre are As I Lay Dying, Bullet For My Valentine, Killswitch Engage, Trivium and others.

The best ones

It is impossible to limit the list of the greatest representatives of alternative music to smaller number of groups, because each band is unique and has its army of fans. So, according to Internet sites, the list includes:

  1. Alice in Chains
  2. System of a Down
  3. Tool
  4. Faith No More
  5. Slipknot
  6. Korn
  7. Deftones
  8. Linkin Park
  9. Three Days Grace

The most popular alternative metal songs are:

  • Korn – “Freak on a Leash” (1999)
  • Papa Roach – “Last Resort” (2000)
  • Staind – “It’s Been Awhile” (2001)
  • System of a Down – “Aerials” (2002)
  • Disturbed – “Inside the Fire” (2008)
  • Slipknot – “Psychosocial” (2008)

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