Albums of Alternative Metal music

New Horizons

Alternative metal is strictly connected to alternative rock. The other genre it is close to is heavy metal. Alternative became popular in 90s, so it is quite young. Despite that, composers of it have a long history. Alternative music list of distinctive features:

  • heavy guitar riffs;
  • informal music lyrics;
  • the absence of a clear division between metal and alternatives.

The development of the genre comes at a time of popularizing alternative rock by Nirvana. At the same time, it was often confused with alternative metal rock, metal, and other genres. Only after 90s, tradition and differences became firmly rooted in the minds of listeners. That is why an alternative metal worth listening to in a good format. If you can afford it, the best way to enjoy the sound would be live performances. Lossless format will help to understand the essence of sound. It is possible to hear shades of notes, which in a bad merge are a cacophony of sounds, only in decent format. One of the best is Flac.

How to split a genre

Alternative music list is divided into subgenres. Among them:

  • nude;
  • funk;
  • industrial;
  • metalcore;
  • reggae.

The main feature of this music is not a sound or even lyrics. It is the reason why the purchase is so demanded. The peculiarity lies in the special relation, the approach to the music. All songs are filled with it. Something, that picks out every single line. It is the reason of wish to buy, to hear it again. This is why the genre is called alternative: it is a view of musicians, sincere and personal. To download alternative music is the best way to enjoy a particularly sharp and vivid sound.

The main instrument here is the guitar, but also the drums and blotches of electronic music play their roles. To buy this track means to hear once a collection of instruments. In addition, the sound is very different. An immediate distinguishing a metal track from rock songs is possible only by a professional. The mixing process influences on separating the genres.

The alternative music list includes works by such masters as Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails, and even the early work of Red Hot Chili Peppers. Few of the fans can understand exactly how different melodies are.

This genre is characterized by an unprecedented commercial success. Tracks’ purchase has climbed to the new levels. Concert tickets are selling out extremely quick. Fans say it is exactly not only popular music, but the music for which they would like to follow. It accompanies their lives. This effect can be caught only in good lossless quality sound. It doesn’t mean that the file should be heavy then. For example, among the most popular formats allocated Flac, as we have already said. Unlike other extensions, it provides the best quality in a best weight. MP3 is also quite good, but it ruins the most delicate tints. It is enough to catch the mood. On the other hand, mp3 is a simplest and commonest format so it is very easy to find it.