Albums of AOR music

Internet resources are full of offers to buy AOR albums. However, it is necessary to puzzle out what this abbreviation really means. Album-oriented rock is a format of mainstream American FM-radio stations with an emphasis placed on album tracks of rock artists. Standards in AOR sounds are melodic ballads sang in a high beautiful voice of a romantic singer.

Inherent motives

Typically, the songs tell the story about such simple values as friendship, success and recognition, life challenges and of course love. The rhythm of the songs is always smooth, unhurried. They cheer up, serve as the incentive for making good deeds. The songs of this genre are good companions in travel, on vacation, and even when doing the household routine.

This genre includes positive and unusually melodic rock varieties. If you download AOR music, you will not hear any violence and negativity in it. Even though it sounds much softer than hard rock, but it is not sugary and primitive at all.

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Difficulties in demarcation

Because of the precarious balance of the components of AOR format, it has always been difficult to determine what it really is. Blurring of the boundaries of the style began in the 1970s and continued during 1980s and 1990s. Such groups as Harem Scarem and Winger supplemented the original scheme of AOR with more complex rhythmic patterns and musical refinement (you will understand it, if you download AOR albums such as Mood Swings and Pull). Bon Jovi, Def Leppard and Europe became giants of the genre in 1990s. They hit the records of AOR albums download and even mainstream market fell under their charm. Often the term sounds as a label. So, how do you distinguish the AOR from non-AOR? You can understand that you have downloaded AOR albums if you hear:

  • kind and beautiful motive;
  • excessively pretentious sounding of keyboards;
  • lyrics about the doomed love.

Album-oriented rock reached its greatest prosperity in 1980s, thanks to such masterpieces as Living In Oz, Everybody's Crazy, Reckless. After that, audiophiles started to buy AOR albums that include these songs and listen to them in all available formats such as MP3, M4A, FLAC and others. Existing bands created their best masterpieces, and new ones fed the hopes of success. It is also extremely pleasant to realize that nowadays everyone has the possibility to download hits of album-oriented rock in lossless quality.

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