New Classics for Guitar and Cello
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New Classics for Guitar and Cello '2003

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Track list 00:48:19
(01) [Muriel Anderson] Minstrel's Courtyard
(02) [Muriel Anderson] Parisian Waltz
(03) [Muriel Anderson] Theme for Two Friends
(04) [Muriel Anderson] Great Blue Heron
(05) [Muriel Anderson] Toronto
(06) [Muriel Anderson] Arioso
(07) [Muriel Anderson] Calm Before The Storm
(08) [Muriel Anderson] Song for Liona
(09) [Muriel Anderson] Living out a Dream
(10) [Muriel Anderson] Little Sister's Child
(11) [Muriel Anderson] Waiting for Matthew
(12) [Muriel Anderson] Estudio Brillante
(13) [Muriel Anderson] Recuerdos

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