Presents His X-Factor Vol. 1
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Presents His X-Factor Vol. 1 '2003

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Track list 00:47:44
1. Start
2. Being Nobody (Richard X vs Liberty X)
3. Rock Jacket
4. You Used To (feat. Javine)
5. Just Friends (Feat. Annie)
6. IX
7. Lonely (feat. Karon Wheeler)
8. Walk On By (In Collaboration With Deborah Evans-Stickland)
9. Lemon/Lime (In Collaboration With Deborah Evans-Stickland)
10. Finest Dreams (Feat. Kelis)
11. You (Better Let Me Love You x4) Tonight (Feat. Tiga)
12. Mark One (Feat. Mark Goodier)
13. Freak Like Me (We Don't Give A Damn Mix)
14. Into U (Feat. Jarvis Cocker)
15. End

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