Fingers And Thumbs
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Fingers And Thumbs '2008

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Track list 01:48:05
CD-1.01. Belly Full Of Lead
CD-1.02. See The Light (vocals - J Todd)
CD-1.03. Don't You Worry (vocals - Alice Russell)
CD-1.04. 68 On Third
CD-1.05. Sidewinder
CD-1.06. So Long (vocals - Nik Young)
CD-1.07. This Is London
CD-1.08. Tango In Dub
CD-1.09. Scene 5
CD-1.10. I'm Just A Prisoner
CD-1.11. Unbroken (vocals - Deborah Jordan)
CD-1.12. The Journey
CD-2.01. Dangerous (vocals - Phil King)
CD-2.02. In Pursuit Of
CD-2.03. Do It (vocals - Alice Russell)
CD-2.04. Miracle (vocals - James Cambell, Jason Todd, Lia Manley)
CD-2.05. Fkovski
CD-2.06. Let It Ride (vocals - James Cambell)
CD-2.07. Alright (vocals - Benji Bower)
CD-2.08. Dirty And Dark
CD-2.09. So Fine (vocals - J Todd)

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