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Back to Front Live in Prague 10.10.2013
GenreProgressive Rock
Format FLAC
Size 3030.50 Mb

Back to Front Live in Prague 10.10.2013 '2013

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Play List

01. Introduction
02. O But
03. Come Talk To Me
04. Shock The Monkey
05. Family Snapshot
06. Digging In The Dirt
07. Secret World
08. The Family And The Fishing Net
09. No Self Control
10. Solsbury Hill
11. Why Don't You Show Yourself
12. Red Rain
13. Sledgehammer
14. Don't Give Up
15. That Voice Again
16. Mercy Street
17. Big Time
18. We Do What We're Told
19. This Is the Picture
20. In Your Eyes
21. The Tower That Ate People
22. Biko

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