Albums of Acid Jazz music

In modern world, any audiophile, who has the Internet access, can find any audio for any taste and even download acid jazz. The term is used quite freely to refer to a very broad range of music.

History of formation

The formation of the style took place in the late 1980s among underground DJs of the United Kingdom. Back then, DJ sets were often complemented by playing of live musicians. Thanks to their good graces, acid jazz music became known as special style, combining elements of different genres, including:

  • traditional jazz;
  • American funk of the mid-70s;
  • hip-hop;
  • soul;
  • electronic dance beats.

At that point in time, no one could even think of the possibility to download acid jazz songs. The compositions were played in underground clubs for the progressive youth. Since then, melodies with electronic beats and live instruments have gone far ahead.

The peak of popularity of the discussed style accounts for the first half of the 90s. There appeared such outstanding figures as James Taylor Quartet, Jamiroquai, The Brand New Heavies, US3, Guru. After the 1990s, the popularity of the style began to decline, and its traditions later continued in new forms. However, there remained numerous records making possible acid jazz download for true admirers of the genre.

Modern possibilities

It should be noted that the electronic part of the music was and still is very diverse, it uses various elements from other styles, literally from techno to trip-hop. At the heart of a live part of the sub-genre is the principle of improvisation.

Eventually, after this mosaic of sounds had been formed, there appeared the possibility to record and download acid jazz songs. However, such a progress has made improvisation disappear from this genre, which was the main subject of a dispute about whether the sub-style has to be called jazz at all.

Nowadays, there are labels devoted exclusively to this genre. They enable their fans to download acid jazz albums in any format (FLAC, MP3, or M4A). For example, such a British label as Ninja Tune has made the United Kingdom the place that gives birth to top bands playing this style. Despite being narrowly known and admired, this genre inspires true music lovers, who are even ready to buy acid jazz music in lossless quality. Such bands as Coldcut and The Cinematic Orchestra represent a mixture of modern jazz, electronic samples and elements of orchestral classics. They make people download acid jazz to their players and follow the latest news.

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