Rough Guide To Afghanistan (CD2)
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Rough Guide To Afghanistan (CD2) '2010

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Track list 00:49:53
1. (00:08:00) - Rae Maykhana O Masjid (The Way to the Mosque and the Winehouse)
2. (00:06:40) - Zikre Tu Chee Shireen Ast (Your Prayer Is So Sweet)
3. (00:05:38) - Mar Dar Do Jahan (I'm In Two Worlds)
4. (00:07:35) - Sare Buredae Ma Ra (My Decapitated Head)
5. (00:05:01) - Choon Nai Ba Nawa Amad (Since The Reed Began To Sing)
6. (00:05:03) - Beshnaw Az Nai Choon Hekayat Mekonad (Listen To This Reed Forlorn)
7. (00:06:17) - Ay Sholae Hazeen (Oh Desolate Flame!)
8. (00:08:04) - Dunya Kisa Ke Pyar Main (The Earth Is The Place Of My Love)

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