Crash Injury Trauma
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Crash Injury Trauma '1993

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Track list 00:55:38
1. (00:15:05) Isolrubin BK - Resistance Of The Human Head To Crash Impact
2. (00:06:48) Isolrubin BK - Motor Vehicle Collision Victim Removal Procedure
3. (00:05:14) Isolrubin BK - Three Possible Points Of Impact That A Driver May Incur When Colliding With A...
4. (00:05:32) Isolrubin BK - The Dynamics Involved In An Injury By Mechanical Force
5. (00:06:07) Isolrubin BK - Extensive Fissured Skull Fractures Produced By The Head Striking The Border O...
6. (00:08:19) Isolrubin BK - Cranio-Facial Absorption: Multiple Lacerations
7. (00:08:14) Isolrubin BK - Return To The Scene Of A Severe Road Traffic Accident For Detailed Investigat...

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