Welcome To Palermo + Grim Rock
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Welcome To Palermo + Grim Rock '1994

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Track list 00:58:46
01. Welcome To Palermo
02. Let's Kill The Junkie, Let's Kill The xxy
03. 32nd Day Of May
04. Way To The End
05. Child Of Nightmare
06. Robbers Of The Corps
07. Impudence - 2nd Happines
08. Bumper
09. My Best And Single Fried
10. Black Hole
11. Уnemy
12. More Petrol For Fearless Airton Senna
13. 5th Column
14. Stupid Witch (love, fears and tearsare not monsters of hell)
Grim Rock
15. Grim Rock
16. Knock Out
17. Psycho Eclipse

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