East of the River Ganges
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East of the River Ganges '2001

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Track list 01:06:59
01.East of the River Ganges (Mango in My Flute mix) (12:36)
02.Elephant Trax (Hammer to the Nail dub) (10:15)
03.Cleaning Fluid (Druids, Dreads & Sadhus mix) (10:58)
04.Spiritual Journey (Mothers Milk edit) (3:54)
05.The Kumba Mela (Himalayan dub) (7:54)
06.Life After Death (Glass Key dub) (5:20)
07.That Which I Could Only Sense (Phoenix dub) (4:23)
08.Interstellar Hiss (Sky Is On Fire dub) (7:05)
09.The Conscious (Om Namai & Shiveye mix) (4:05)
10.Outro (Don't Want to Lose Your Love dub edit) (0:29)

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