Postcards From Patmos
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Postcards From Patmos '2008

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Play List 00:56:34
1. The Residents - The Winged Serpent Repents To The Father
2. The Residents - Soulless Flies Visit The Graves Of Ancestors
3. The Residents - Cold Metal Strikes A Soldier's Bible
4. The Residents - Stained Hands Pass The Silverware
5. The Residents - I Wish The Remote Could Control Me
6. The Residents - Fabrics Drape The Unseen God
7. The Residents - There Is Power In The Chord
8. The Residents - Silk From Spiders
9. The Residents - Green Feathers And The Blood Of Circumcision
10. The Residents - Knees Bent, Toes Painted Orange

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