Ten Years After
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Ten Years After '1967

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Track list 00:36:48
1."I Want To Know" 2:12
2."I Can't Keep From Crying, Sometimes" 5:24
3."Adventures of A Young Organ" 2:35
4."Spoonful" 6:05
5."Losing The Dogs" 3:04
6."Feel It For Me" 2:41
7."Love Until I Die" 2:07
8."Don't Want You Woman" 2:37
9."Help Me" 9:51
Bonus tracks:
10."Portable People (A-side of Deram DM 176) [bonus track]" 2:17
11."The Sounds (B-side of Deram DM 176) [bonus track]" 4:29
12."Rock Your Mama (A-side of Deram DM 191) [bonus track]" 3:01
13."Spider In My Web (B-side of Deram DM 191) [bonus track]" 7:14
14."Hold Me Tight [bonus track]" 2:19
15."Woodchopper's Ball [bonus track]" 7:45

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