Recording Glenn Gould's Goldberg Variations - Track-by-Track by Producer Richard Einhorn
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Recording Glenn Gould's Goldberg Variations - Track-by-Track by Producer Richard Einhorn '2022

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CD 16-bit | 44,1 kHz
01. My Name is Richard Einhorn
02. Aria Take 1
03. A Great Take
04. The Recording is a Really Rare Treat
05. That's the Take Folks
06. The First Time I Heard Glenn Gould's Name
07. Level Test
08. Glenn Had This Theory he Wanted to do for the Goldberg Variations
09. Wrong Feed - Glenn Gould Recognises Which Take it is
10. Richard, We've Got a Problem
11. Feed with Glenn Playing Along
12. He's Going to Play Quizz Games With You
13. Hell of a Good Take!
14. Each Variation Was Some Proportional Tempo of the Preceding Variation
15. God, that is a silly piece
16. This is a Prime Example of Glenn Innovating in the Recording Studio
17. Feed with Glenn Playing Chords
18. We Were Still Pretty Much on the Cutting Edge of Digital Recording
19. Problems with Feed - Explanation
20. To Refine a Very Highly Developed and Nuanced Performance
21. We have to get a Little Level
22. Glenn Gould's Chair
23. Noisy Chair
24. The Mood in the Studio Was Intensely Focused on Music
25. Discussion
26. He Would Improvise Things That Were Often Not Recorded, But Were Amazing
27. Improvisation on JS Bachs Sarabande
28. His Uncanny Ability to Make People Around Him Feel as Intelligent as He Was
29. Preparation
30. He Could Detect Very Fine Nuances Between Takes
31. Rehearsal
32. Warming Up His Hands in the Sink
33. Strike that Ladder
34. The Score he Was Recording From Had Very Few Marks at All
35. Variation 8 Remake Insert Take 6
36. Okay, Between All These Things
37. Basically this is Glenn's Final Testament
38. Aria da capo Final Edited Version

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