Syndicate - The Best Disco '80
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Syndicate - The Best Disco '80 '1980

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Track list 01:02:46
BILLY OCEAN - "Stay The Night"
LE FLAVOUR - "Mandolay"
LIPPS INC. - "Funky Town"
OTTAWAN - "You're O. K. "
ROBERTA KELLY - "Kabaka Shaka"
MASSARA - "Margherita"
SPARGO - "You And Me"
T. H. P. - "Good To Me"
GILLA - "Tom Cat"
GEPY AND GEPY - "Body To Body"
DAN PERLMAN - "You Know Me, I Know You"
THE WHISPERS - "And The Beat Goes On"
Bisqut - Zoo,Zoo,Zoo

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