The Specialist
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The Specialist '1994

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Play List 00:57:40
01. Main Title
02. Bogota 1984
03. The Specialist In Miami
04. May Finds Ray At The Cemetery
05. May Dances With Tomas
"Did You Call Me"
06. Ray Covers May
"Did You Call Me"
07. After Tomas
08. The First Bomb
Ray's Place
09. Explosive Trent
10. The Parking Lot Bomb
11. Don't Touch Me Ned
Bomb For Tomas
12. The Death Of Tomas
13. May's Room
"Did You Call Me"
14. Ray Meets May At Her Funeral
15. Let's See That Beautiful Face
"Did You Call Me"
16. Closing In On Ray
17. There Goes The Hotel Room
The Fight
18. May Meets Joe
I'm Not A Woman You Can Trust
19. You Go In ANd Get Him
"Did You Call Me"
20. The Whole Place Is Wired
She's Hot Ray
21. Get To Hell Out Of Here
"Did You Call Me" End Title

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