Psy Trance Euphoria (CD2)
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Psy Trance Euphoria (CD2) '2008

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Track list 01:17:58
2.01 Egg, The Angel Of My Soul (Allaby Remix)
2.02 Human Blue Lone Ranger
2.03 Tristan Dream Machine
2.04 MFG Positive Energy
2.05 Earthling (2) Sonic Earth
2.06 Xerox & Illumination Ghost In The Machine (Wizzy Noise Remix)
2.07 Xerox & Illumination Creature Of The Night
2.08 Astral Projection The Prophecy
2.09 Wizzy Noise Dreaming Machines
2.10 Alien Project Aztechno Dream (Shanti Mix)
2.11 Wizzy Noise Sea Song
2.12 Jay Selway & Magnus (9) Stronghold
2.13 Delirious Atmos Fear
2.14 Infected Mushroom Deeply Disturbed

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