The Bermuda Triangle (japan K2 24-bit Bvcc-37510)
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The Bermuda Triangle (japan K2 24-bit Bvcc-37510) '1979

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Play List 00:53:58
1. - The Round Space Ship Landing On The Earth While Emitting Silvery Lights
2. - Strong Electro-Magnetic Waves
3. - The World Of The Different Dimensions
4. - The Giant Pyramid Sitting At The Bottom Of The Sea Of Bermuda And The Ancient...
5. - The Venus Wearing The Space Uniform Shining In Florescent Light Color
6. - The Children Playing in Agharta, the Deep Underground Kingdom
7. - The Hollow Vessel Called the Earth
8. - The Song Of Venus
9. - The Dawn at Bermuda and The Misterious Electric Waves
10. - The Dazzling Bright Cylindrical Object Which Had Crashed Into Tunguska, Siberia
11. - The Harp Being Played by the Ancient People and the Venus and Her Space Child...
12. - The Visionary Flight To The 1448 Nebula Group Of The Bootes

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