Extreme Aggression
GenreThrash Metal
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Format 24bit FLAC Stereo 3082 Kbps /
96 kHz
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Extreme Aggression '1989

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MP3 320 kbps   
A1 Extreme Aggressions
A2 No Reason To Exist
A3 Love Us Or Hate Us
A4 Stream Of Consciousness
B1 Some Pain Will Last
B2 Betrayer
B3 Don't Trust
B4 Bringer Of Torture
B5 Fatal Energy
C1 Some Pain Will Last
C2 Extreme Aggression
C3 Under The Guillotine
C4 Toxic Trace
D1 Bringer Of Torture
D2 Pleasure To Kill
D3 Flag Of Hate
E1 Terrible Certainty
E2 Riot Of Violence
E3 Love Us Or Hate Us
E4 Behind The Mirror
F1 Betrayer
F2 Awakening Of The Gods
F3 Tormentor

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