Maxi Hit-Senastion
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Maxi Hit-Senastion '2006

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Track list 01:17:40
01.(00:04:58) C.C. Catch - Soul Suvivor (Long Version)
02.(00:04:11) C.C. Catch - Midnight Gambler (Long Version)
03.(00:04:35) C.C. Catch - Backseat of your cadillac (Extended Version)
04.(00:04:40) C.C. Catch - Good guys only win in movies (Maxi-Version)
05.(00:05:21) C.C. Catch - I can lose my heart tonight (Maxi-Version)
06.(00:04:19) C.C. Catch - Baby, I need your love (Extended Mix)
07.(00:06:02) C.C. Catch - Are you man enough (Long Version Muscle Mix)
08.(00:05:05) C.C. Catch - Heaven and hell (Extended Mix)
09.(00:05:10) C.C. Catch - You shout a hole in my soul (Maxi-Version)
10.(00:04:47) C.C. Catch - Heartbreak Hotel (Room 69-Mix)
11.(00:04:10) C.C. Catch - Jump in my car (Maxi-Version)
12.(00:05:02) C.C. Catch - Nothing but a heartache (12'' Mix)
13.(20:58:20) C.C. Catch - One night's not enough (Maxi-Version)
14.(00:00:00) C.C. Catch - Strangers by night (Maxi-Version)
15.(00:00:00) C.C. Catch - 'Cause you are young (Maxi-Version)
16.(21:17:40) C.C. Catch - House of mystic lights (Long Version Dance Mix)

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