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Ultramega OK
GenreAlternative Rock
Country2017, SP1172, RE, RM, US
Format FLAC
Size 852.53 Mb

Ultramega OK '1988

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Track list

Ultramega Ok
01. Flower
02. All Your Lies
03. 665
04. Beyond the Wheel
05. 667
06. Mood for Trouble
07. Circle of Power
08. He Didn't
09. Smokestack Lightning
10. Nazi Driver
11. Head Injury
12. Incessant Mace
13. One Minute of Silence
Ultramega EP
14. Head Injury (Early Version)
15. Beyond the Wheel (Early Version)
16. Incessant Mace (Short) [Early Version]
17. He Didn't (Early Version)
18. All Your Lies (Early Version)
19. Incessant Mace (Long) [Early Version]

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