Back To Mine - Adam Freeland
GenreNew Age
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Back To Mine - Adam Freeland '2005

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Track list 01:08:55
01. Trail Of The Dead 'Will You Smile Again For Me'
02. Autolux 'Turnstile Blues'
03. Interpol 'Untitled'
04. TV On The Radio 'Staring At The Sun'
05. Abulance Ltd. 'Yoga Means Union'
06. The Beta Band 'Its Not Too Beautiful'
07. Jape 'Floating'
08. El-P 'Constellation Recall'
09. Elliot Smith 'Needle In The Hay'
10. Pj Harvey 'The Slow Drug'
11. Funkadelik 'Maggot Brain'
12. Dyke House 'Sandy Strip'
13. M83 'Lower Your Eyes To Die With The Sun'
14. Trans Am 'A Single Ray Of Light On An Other Wise Cloudy Day'
15. Boards Of Canada 'Zoetrope'

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