I Can Feel Your Wounds Are Bleeding...
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I Can Feel Your Wounds Are Bleeding... '2001

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CD 16-bit | 44,1 kHz
Why Do You Have A Sperm In Stool. Nanny?
The Digged Up Womb
A Giant Shit
Sadistic Dentist
Keen Scream
The Oversalted Menses
The Splitting Heamorrhage From Urinary Duct
The Arse Heamorrhage Isn't Merry Anywise
Occasional Paroxysm Of Acute Bloody Vomit
Children Anal Orgy
The Bloody Dog Shit
The Excrementitious Vomit During Of Total Constipation
Excrement Geophagy
Still Birth
Citizen X
Livid Child
The Taboo Room(gut)
The Bloody Anal Probe
Anal Massacre
Fuck Off And Eat Off
The Nun Agnes's Perspired Jacksy
Jolly Car - Accident
Anal Smear
Flesh Yes - Soya No!
Grub The Vegetarians - Spare The Woods!
Emollient Of Foetal Water
The Lovely Tertiary Flash Burn On 80% Of My Body
Mincing Tracks
Slack Beef Of Anal Contractor
Pork Regale In The Arabian Masjid
Merry Mental People
Burned Head
The Effluent From Fetid Fester's Ear

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