Araxia Davtian
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Araxia Davtian '1996

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01. Glinka: Alla Cetra
02. Glinka: I Remember That Marvelous Instant
03. Glinka: The Blue Waves Are Asleep
04. Glinka: I'm Happy To Be w. You
05. Glinka: Tell Me Why
06. Glinka: The Fair Maiden Is Miserable
07. Dargomyzhsky: The Sierra Nevada Is Covered With Fog
08. Dargomyzhsky: The Garden
09. Dargomyzhsky: Sixteen Years
10. Dargomyzhsky: The Clouds In The Sky
11. Dargomyzhsky: The Youth And The Maiden
12. Tchaikovsky: That Was Early In The Spring, Op.38, No.2
13. Tchaikovsky: Admidst The Bustling Party, Op.38, No.3
14. Tchaikovsky: Not A Word, Oh My Friend, Op.6, No.2
15. Tchaikovsky: In A Single Word
16. Tchaikovsky: Again, Like Before
17. Rachmaninov: Don't Sing, My Belle, Op.4, No.4
18. Rachmaninov: The Lilac, Op.21, No.5
19. Rachmaninov: A. Musset, Op.21, No.6: Excerpt
20. Rachmaninov: Rat-Catcher, Op.38, No.4
21. Rachmaninov: Daisies, Op.38, No.3
22. Rachmaninov: Spring Waters, Op.14, No.11

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