the Ultimate Deep Purple - Fire, Ice & Dynamite vol.1 (bootleg)
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the Ultimate Deep Purple - Fire, Ice & Dynamite vol.1 (bootleg) '1999

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Track list 01:01:30
1) Fire, Ice & Dynamite (Blackmore/Glover/Turner) Deep Purple Song From The Original motion Picture Soundtrack “Fire, Ice & Dynamite” (1990)
2) Make My Day (Ehlert/Hughes/Laine) G.Hughes Sings on this track on Amen’s album “Aguilar” (1996)
3) Shine On (Turner/Greenwood) J.L.Turner: B-side track from his japance Only single “Waiting For The Girl Like You” (1999)
4) Anything You Want (Coverdale/Vandenberg) Whitsnake: Japance bonus from “Restless Heart” (1997)
5) You Offered Only Parabolas (Manring) S.Morse plays on this track from the Michael Manring’s album “Thonk” (1994)
6) A Merry Jingle (Lynott/Gorham/Downey/Cook/Jones) Ian Gillan: From The Pratty Maids Japance Only Single “In Santa’s Claws” (1990)
7) Who’s Fooling Who (Marsden) David Coverdale sings this Bernie Marsden’s Track (1982)
8) Brown Eyed Boy (Hensley) Ian Paice Play Drums. Song From Ken Hensley’s Solo Album “Free Spirit” (1981)
9) I Call, No Answer (Green) R.Blackmore plays Guitar. Song From the Jack Green’s Solo Album “Humanesque” (1980)
10) Steamroller Blues (Paice/Ashton/Lord) Song From the unrealised second album (1978)
11) Wet Suit (Shearmann/Caine/Juric/Wade) Tommy Bolin plays Guitar. Track From The Moxy’s Album “Moxy 2” (1977)
12) Dancing Madly Backwards (On a Sea Of Air) (Coldwell/Evans) Rod Evans and Captain Beyound. “Captain Beyond” (1972)
13) Strange Times (Hardin) Roger Glover sings Lead Vocal. Taken From The “Wazard’s Convention” sessions (1976)
14) The Fool – Version 2 (Ford/Hazlewood) Nick Simper plays bass on this Johnny Kidd & Pirates Single (1964)

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