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44.1 kHz
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Split CD '2008

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  • CD 16-bit | 44,1 kHz
CD 16-bit | 44,1 kHz
Roger Moore - La Petite Charlotte
Roger Moore - Feast
Roger Moore - Human Exploitation
Roger Moore - Laisse Ton Chien Chez Ta Mere
Roger Moore - Opa Und Oma Kommen Zu Weihnachten II
Roger Moore - Parcmetre
Roger Moore - Commando (Ramones cover)
Roger Moore - Restricted (ROT cover)
Roger Moore - Stayin' Alive (AxC cover)
Roger Moore - Russian Roulette (ROT cover)
Roger Moore - La Dette Africaine
Roger Moore - Roger Moore (live)
Roger Moore - No Compassion (live)
Roger Moore - Criminalisation Of A Strange Behaviour (AGx live cover)
The Mad Thrashers - Enfants Traques, Etat Detraque
The Mad Thrashers - Statistics
The Mad Thrashers - Misere
The Mad Thrashers - U.M.C.
The Mad Thrashers - Kickback
The Mad Thrashers - U.M.P.
The Mad Thrashers - Ben Oui!
The Mad Thrashers - Colonization
The Mad Thrashers - Conflit Des Generations
The Mad Thrashers - Destroy Fascism
The Mad Thrashers - Hardcore Talibans
The Mad Thrashers - Oh Mon Pere!
The Mad Thrashers - Prejudice
The Mad Thrashers - Rhone-Poulenc
The Mad Thrashers - T.M.T.
Fatal Nunchaku - I Hate
Fatal Nunchaku - Euronymous Died For His Own Sins
Fatal Nunchaku - You Don't Have Your Place In My Fucking World You Piece Of Shit
Fatal Nunchaku - Fuck Off And Die
Fatal Nunchaku - I Hate Cops
Fatal Nunchaku - Glorious Evil Time
Fatal Nunchaku - Vegetarism Is The Medicine And Refusal Of Life Is Exploitati...
Fatal Nunchaku - We Are Just Right In The Rock'n'Roll Rebellion
Fatal Nunchaku - E-Bay Gave Me A Reason To Live At A Time When All DIY and No...
Fatal Nunchaku - Faster Pussy Cat Play Play
Fatal Nunchaku - Gage (Noothgrush cover)
Koko Boys - Prostitution
Koko Boys - J'irais Thrasher Sur Vos Tombes
Koko Boys - Kronembourg Debit Style (K.D.S.)
Koko Boys - FUCK
Koko Boys - Anti FAF
Koko Boys - Integriste
Koko Boys - Gouto Du Crado
Koko Boys - Les Salauds
Koko Boys - L'Argent Aime La Misere
Koko Boys - Everyone In La Gree Should Be Kissed (AxC cover)
Koko Boys - Fais Ton Choix!
Koko Boys - Rocky Balmusette
Koko Boys - Unite Underground
Koko Boys - Grind 2 Star
Koko Boys - Anti Star
Koko Boys - L'Esprit Du Gland
Koko Boys - Onanisme Manu Militari
Koko Boys - Dieu N'existe Pas
Koko Boys - Still Lovin' You 'Till I Fuck You
Koko Boys - The End Complete

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