Christophorus Columbus (Paraisos Perdidos) (Disc 1)
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Christophorus Columbus (Paraisos Perdidos) (Disc 1) '2006 [SACD]

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Track list

I Ancient Prophecies and Evocations
01. Introduction: Pierre Hamon (double flute),Pedro Estavan (percussion)
02. Invocation: Chorus: "Tethysque novos detegat orbes " (music- Binchois)
03. Evocation 1 Medea: "Nunc iam cessit pontus et omnes patitur leges"
04. Invocation: Chorus: "Tethysque novos detegat orbes"
05. Evocation 2: Medea: "Terminus omnis motus et urbes"
06. Invocation: Chorus: "Tethysque novos detegat orbes"
07. Evocation 3: Medea: Venient annis saecula seris
08. Reading: "Venient annis saecuala seris"
09. Invocation: Chorus: "Tethysque novos detegat orbes"
10. Reading: "Vendran los tardos años del mundo . . . "
1408 Reign of the Nasrid emir Yusuf III
11. Music: Hymn Sufi (instrumental improvisation) (Santur &Percussion)
12. Reading: "Description of the beautiful sights of Granada" - Ibn
13. Music: Mowachah Billadi askara min aadbi Llama (Al-Andalus)
II Conquests and the birth of Columbus
1410 (September) Prince Ferdinand's army conquers Antequera
14. Ancient Romance: El Moro de Antequera (Sephardic song)
15. Reading: "Having reached Antquera" Chronicle of Kings of Castille, Ch.
16. Music: Zappay (instrumental) CMM 20
1443 (February) Alfonso V the Magnanimous enters Naples
17. Music: Colinetto (instrumental) CMM 22Reading: "Here I shall relate the
18. Villota: Dindirindin - Anonymous CMM 127
1451 (October) Christopher Columbus is born
19. Reading: "Seeing as how his forefathers were of the royal blood of
20. Strambotto: O tempo bono - Anonymous CMM 132
III New Routes and Grand Project
1474 (25 June) Letter from the Florentine physician Toscanelli to Prince Juan
21. Music: voca la galiera (instrumental) Anonymous CMM 18 Reading: " A
22. Basse Dance: Mappa mundi(Kyrie of the Mass) - Johannes Cornago
1480 Shipwreck off Cape St Vincent
23. Music: Chiave, chiave (instrumental)- Anonymous CMM 131 Reading:
1485 Columbus is married during his time in Portugal
24. Ancient song (s. XI) Reading: "Finding himself near Lisbon..."
25. Villancico: Meis olhos van por lo mare- Anonymous CMP 453
1486 - Columbus presents his project to the Catholic Monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella
26. Reading: "Finally, having recourse to the Spanish expression..."
27. Frottola: In te Domine speravi- Josquin des Pres CMP 84
IV The Waning of Al-Andalus
28. Improvisation Arabo-Andalusain Song (santur & flute)
29. Reading: Arabic text by Ibn Zamrak
30. Kharcha: Ya am laja halki (Andalusia, 13th century)
1492 (2 January) The Conquest of Granada
31. Music: La Spagna (instrumental) Listen
32. Reading: Concerning the Treaty of the Alhambra and the surrender of Granada.
33-34. Villancico: Levanta Pascualque Granada es tomada - Juan del Enzina CMP
35. Romance: Qu'es de ti desconsolado - Juan del Enzina CMP

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