Captain James Over All The Sea
GenreInstrumental Pop
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Captain James Over All The Sea '1973

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Track list 01:02:03
1. James Last - Morning in the Hamburg/Blow We Wind
2. James Last - Good Morning/The Sailor Boy
3. James Last - Greensleeves
4. James Last - Captain and Me/When Irish Eyes are Smiling
5. James Last - In Portugal/From Porto to Barselona
6. James Last - Lady of Spain/Carmen Marsch
7. James Last - Shenandoah/Torno a Sorrento/Santa Lucia/La Piccinina
8. James Last - Piraus/The Ship Must Arrive
9. James Last - High Barbaree/Havah Nagilah
10.James Last - La Paloma/My Bonnie/Kari Waits for Me
11.James Last - Sacramento/What Shall We Do/Madagascar
12.James Last - The Wreck of "John B"/The Yellow Rose of Texas
13.James Last - The Sound of Harmonica
14.James Last - Aloha Oe
15.James Last - Here, Where the Sea Waves
16.James Last - Once More to Bombay
17.James Last - Rolling Home/The Winds Blow
18.James Last - Good Night,Ladies/At Home/Shall I...

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