The Rising Tied
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The Rising Tied '2005

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Track list 00:51:37
1."Introduction" (Shinoda, Shawn Carter) – 0:43
2."Remember the Name" (featuring Styles of Beyond) (Takbir Bashir, Ryan Maginn, Shinoda) – 3:50
3."Right Now" (featuring Black Thought of the Roots and Styles of Beyond) (Bashir, Maginn, Shinoda, Tariq Trotter) – 4:14
4."Petrified" (Shinoda) – 3:40
5."Feel Like Home" (featuring Styles of Beyond) (Bashir, Maginn, Shinoda) – 3:53
6."Where'd You Go" (featuring Holly Brook and Jonah Matranga) (Shinoda) – 3:51
7."In Stereo" (Shinoda) – 3:29
8."Back Home" (featuring Common and Styles of Beyond) (Bashir, Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Maginn, Shinoda) – 3:44
9."Cigarettes" (Shinoda) – 3:40
10."Believe Me" (featuring Bobo and Styles of Beyond) (Bashir, Maginn, Shinoda) – 3:42
11."Get Me Gone" (Shinoda) – 1:56
12."High Road" (featuring John Legend) (Shinoda) – 3:16
13."Kenji" (Shinoda) – 3:51
14."Red to Black" (featuring Kenna, Jonah Matranga and Styles of Beyond) (Bashir, Maginn, Shinoda) – 3:11
15."The Battle" (featuring Celph Titled) – 0:32
16."Slip Out the Back" (featuring Mr. Hahn) (Joe Hahn, Shinoda) – 3:56

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