Stay Young 1979-1982 (The Complete Deluxe Years) (CD2)
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Stay Young 1979-1982 (The Complete Deluxe Years) (CD2) '2002

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Track list 01:17:22
1. We Are The Vegetables
2. Scratch
3. The Unloved One
4. Lacavocal
5. Prehistoria
6. Telefone (Sydney Studio Demo)
7. Silent Night (Sydney Studio Demo)
8. Breakaway (Sydney Studio Demo)
9. Reckless Ways (Moontan Double J Concert)
10. Pretzel Logic (Moontan Double J Concert)
11. Reasons (Moontan Double J Concert)
12. Feeling Good (Moontan Double J Concert)
13. Miss Shapiro / You Really Got Me (Moontan Double J Concert)
14. On a Bus (Wanda Beach Double J Concert)
15. The One Thing (Wanda Beach Double J Concert)
16. Speed Kills (Michael Hutchence with Cold Chisel)
17. Underneath The Colours (1992 'Chicken Mix')
18. Barbarian (1992 Capri Re-recording)
19. Just Keep Walking (1992 Capri Re-recording)
20. In Vain (1992 Capri Re-recording)
21. Stay Young (1992 Capri Re-recording)

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